To direct the focus of the widow and fatherless to the One who is able to satisfy their deepest need, by meeting their practical, emotional, and spiritual needs in Jesus’ name.

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When Lori Apon became a widow with eight children under the age of ten, the body of Christ came to her side in a tangible way. Through the years, God has been so faithful to this family. God is now calling Lori to be a missionary to the widow and fatherless comforting where she has been comforted by personally caring for widows helping to equip the church with an understanding of how to minster through Perspective Ministries.

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Dr. Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia

“I have known and loved Lori and admired her steadfast love for the Lord and application of His principles in the lives of her children for years! Lori brings First Baptist Woodstock great value in helping the church understand the widows’ perspective. We support her ministry and urge you do to so, as well.”

Lori Salierno Maldonado, President and CEO of Celebrate Life International

“Perspective Ministries ministered to me in a very significant way even before it was named Perspective Ministries. My marriage ended when my husband of 29 years issued me a divorce. I was devastated, destroyed and could barely breathe. Lori Apon and her ministry came alongside of me and gave me hope, perspective and support. It was “Perspective” ministries that empowered me to get through the darkest time of my life with my eyes on Jesus. I learned that God was my Husband, and that He would literally care for me in a way that I had never seen. Perspective Ministries is much needed. This ministry saved my life.”

Tony Nolan, Minister of the Gospel

“My heart was deeply encouraged as I watched Perspective Ministries step in and offer comfort, guidance, and support to a close friend who experienced what we would call premature widowhood. While we know that God is sovereign, we watched with pain feeling unqualified to know the best way to help this young widow with three small children. Because of the call of God on Lori’s life to raise eight fatherless children as a widow herself, I’ve seen firsthand that Lori Apon and Perspective Ministries are uniquely gifted and competent to pour life into a season that has drained the life out of a widow.”